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Frequently asked questions

A word of warning!! We have had many reports recently of a lot of unscrupulous 'Cash on the Day' weekend only hirers. These people buy old cheap second hand castles, so they can earn 'a bit of beer money' at the weekend, they have been turning up with no insurance, sub-standard equipment, dirty and sometimes dangerous castles, and on many occasions they just don't turn up at all. For your own safety and your children's, please hire from a reputable firm.

How do I book?
The quickest way is to ring 07956372735 and we will take your order. You can also email us at thecheekykids@hotmail.co.uk

Are you a reputable Company?
Yes we are a reputable established full time hire company that guaranties we will deliver on time and your castle will be fully clean and safety checked before we hire. We have hundreds of happy customers that we have hired to over the last few years that continue to come back to us year after year. We never forget without our customers we have no business!

Do you accept cheques as payment?
Yes we will accept cheques, but only if accompanied with a valid cheque guarantee card.

What about reliability?
We have achieved a 100% reliability record, and never let anyone down. We never overbook.

How much space do I need?
This depends on the size of the castle you are hiring, but generally you will need a clear area of at least 3ft wider and higher and at least 10ft longer than the size of the castle you are hiring.

What power supply do we need?
All our castle fans plug into your normal household electric socket. They use approximately 50p - £1.00 a day of electric. We supply our own heavy duty extension leads, with an RCD plug fitted, that are unto 150ft in length, so most gardens can be accommodated. We also have a generator that is available for hire at £25 a day, which includes fuel. (Advance notice and a refundable £100 cash deposit is required) if there is no other suitable power supply.

Do you hire on concrete or tarmac?
No not usually for safety reasons, but we can, if the castle is strictly supervised, (say like in a school playground) provided the castle is placed on a thick piece of carpet that is bigger than the actual castle and safety mats are place all round the castle.

Are there any age limits on your castles & slides?
Yes, our castles are made for children up to the age of 12. We do however have our 'Super Bouncer' Castles that are suitable for the whole family.

What happens on the day of Hire?
We will deliver and set up your Castle between 8.00 am and 12am. (Please make sure someone is in to take delivery) We will insure your castle is securely pegged down and is in fully working order, we will also explain any questions you may have. We then come and take the castle away after your party has finished usually from 6pm onwards. (Later agreed times by arrangement only.)
Please contact us for further details on our services and to discuss what we can do for you.


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